2013 Exhibitors


Name: Artnoose

Website: http://etsy.com/shop/artnoose


Ker-bloom! is a letterpress zine published every other month since 1996. It deals with all matters of a personal life, like relationships, travel, and even writing. Originally from the SF Bay Area, Ker-bloom! moved to Pittsburgh in 2007 and just recently purchased a house on the North Side to make into the dream printshop.




Name: Maggie Negrete

Website:  http://mgglntcreates.tumblr.com


Maggie Negrete is a native of SW PA and a Vassar College alum. She dedicated to nurturing the creativity of children and adults as well as furthering her family heritage of printers, illustrators and civic custodians. Her major influences include transcendental shamanism, Precolombian cultures, Art Nouveau and classic sci-fi, horror and fantasy.

Additionally, Maggie happy to be affiliated with the MGR Foundation and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council where she is able to be a teaching artist and arts administrator.

Adventuring Princesses is a serial fairy tale that attempts to subvert traditional gender stereotypes within the genre by focusing on two princesses as distinct individuals and developing young women as they try to save the kingdom from the Dark Wizard and therefore, metaphorically, gain equality for women in the physical, spiritual and intellectual realms.




Name: Nate McDonough

Website:  http://grixly.com


Nate McDonough is a comic artist who lives in Pittsburgh PA, with his girlfriend, his mistress, his fiancee, his wife, his husband, his dog, his cat, his iguana and his 18 children.



image not shown

Name: Madeleine Campbell

Website:  N/A


I am a staff sound engineer at Treelady Studios in PGH. I’m also a musician and have been playing cello for 11 years. I started writing zines for my friends who wanted to learn more about sound and audio to enable them to be more self-sufficient in the music and creative projects. Sound is amazing but a lot of textbooks are too advanced for someone, especially a beginner, who is curious but doesn’t know where to start. I am a young zine maker – only been doing it for the past year or so, but PGH has so many amazing zine makers and comic artists. I especially like Grixly and Art Noose. My zines are definitely more informative than creative, but I think they’re useful to anyone interested in the topics.




Name: Angela Stich

Website:  http://www.girlsrockpittsburgh.org


We are a nonprofit music, arts, and empowerment program for girls aged 7-16. The girls will make zines as part of their week at rock camp for girls, and we would like to share them with the community.




Name: Kevin Eckert

Website: http://www.truthdart.com


Kevin Eckert writes and draws the Truth Dart series, a mid-20’s drinking adventure which has parallel storylines in serialized issues and three-panel strips. He also hosts a weekly comics-drawing event in the metro Detroit area with Truth Dart co-creator Mike Burridge, called Royal Oak Comix Party.



image not shown

Name: Mike Drew

Website: N/A


My friend Josh and I wanted to get our stories and tales out into the world. He had ideas for fantastical other worlds, epic kingdoms and strange beings, magical entities and complex plots, interwoven with intrigue and conflict. I was much the same – a head filled with all these stories about heroes and anti-heroes on other worlds who were striving against forces bent on some manner of destruction or havoc. We banded together to get our stories out of our heads and into the minds of others. We wanted to share. What good our stories and tales if you’re the only one who knows them? Let’s bring back storytelling.




Name: Andy Scott

Website: http://www.littletiredshop.com


Little Tired Press is a collaborative and community minded independent publisher that focuses on inspiring and promoting the talent that is discovered daily in Pittsburgh, PA and beyond. The flagship publication that drives the success of Little Tired is a monthly comics anthology called Andromeda that collects comic and comic related art from various artists throughout Pittsburgh and neighboring areas. In addition to sparking artistic expression, Little Tired also seeks to organize events and happenings that further promote the arts and culture in our community. Illustration and design services are available for purchase through all artists associated with our merchandise and Little Tired acts as a connection between the client and artist. We are currently considering a physical location to facilitate sales, collaboration and events, however until then, Little Tired can be communicated and bought from online and in various local book sellers.



acab legal collective

Name: ACAB Legal Collective

Website: http://www.facebook.com/acablegal


ACAB Legal Collective is a loose association of legal workers and activists in Allegheny County. Our collective’s primary focus is empowering individuals through knowledge of their rights by translating the law and legal concepts into plain language in an easily digestible format. To accomplish this, we author, produce, and distribute legal ‘zines, flyers, buttons, and patches and conduct know your rights trainings and workshops. A website is forthcoming, but for now we can be contacted at acablegal [at] riseup [dot] net.



Bill Volk

Name: Bill Volk

Website: http://billvolk.com


Bill Volk went to the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont and edits a comics anthology called Stranger Knights.



27790_449794552003_6434925_n (2)

Name: Joe Mochove

Website: http://www.fullsanction.com


Against all odds, Joe and Rusty clawed their way from the mire and muck of ancient Rome. Yes, they survived the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and were buried in the catacombs of Pompeii. It was there, huddled in the ashen mounds, that they made their first zine, “Let’s Talk About Cookies”. They soon emerged from the ashes like a zine phoenix. A zineix. Fast forward 1,930, and “Dirt Worst”, their second zine, was born. “Dirt Worst” has garnered worldwide acclaim and is considered the preeminent zine about Joe and Rusty.



Frank & Sarah Cunniff

Name: Frank and Sarah Cunniff

Website: http://paperplastick.limitedrun.com/categories/comics-books


Frank and Sarah Cunniff grew up on opposite ends of Pennsylvania, born five days apart at the end of January 1984. Frank studied journalism, spent a few years on tour, hosted a lot of bands in his basement, and wrote comic books during breaks from driving the van. Sarah terrorized both colleges she attended, created award-winning stained glass mosaics, and was wanted by the State of Texas for over five years. They met in 2006, went skateboarding, got married, and staked their claim on the corner of Melwood and Finland Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Polish Hill.



virginia shields

Name: Virginia Shields

Website: http://www.shieldsink.com


Virginia Shields is a self-taught comics artist from Pittsburgh, PA.




Name: Sam Thorp

Website: http://www.graphicanatomy.com/


This year I will be teaming up with PGH artist Anna Bender. Expect unique storytelling and poetry from a Queer POC perspective. Plus some AWESOME artwork. Back issues will also be available.



image not shown

Name: Jerry Goebert

Website: N/A


When I first wrote, produced and sold mini-comix in 1980…we were labeled as “New Wave”.  I had long been a fan of Underground Comix and then discovered Clay Geerdes’ “Comix World” newsletter.

My first series featured my character Major Mishap..a psuedo-military stoner who waundered thru all the big news events of the time.  My second series “QUARK” (1981) was a quaisi-intellectual, stoner ‘creation of the universe’ yarn.   I wrote all the stories but I don’t have any drawing ability so I collaborated with illustraters I meet through participation with Comix World.  My early work is documented in Kennedy’s Underground Price Guide of 1982.

Then I got a job, got married and didn’t do anything for the next 30 years.

Dan W. Taylor, one of the illustrators of my original Major Mishap series, approached me in 2011 and asked me to do something for his new TIME WARP series which featured the gang of New Wave mini-comix creaters from the old days. I worked with Dan to conclude the QUARK series which I had started in 1981.

I then went online and meet alot of like-minded folk who were currently involved in or on the fringe of the comix scene.  I produced two new series HANNAH : THE BLOOD JOURNALS (with it’s supporting offfshoot VAMPIRE HANNAH : THE FANZINE) and the risgue TOO BLUE COMIX.  You’ll find a complete listing of my three dozen mini-comix in Dan Fogel’s  guide comming out summer of 2013.

Its still alot of fun.  I hope to see you at the show.




Name: Natalie Woodlock

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/soda4pony?ref=si_shop


Natalie Woodlock is an artist and printmaker currently based in New Orleans. Her art practice encompasses printmaking, photography and archiving and collecting.  She is currently working on a series of screen prints based on David Lynch’s 1990s TV show Twin Peaks and is also collecting love letters for her online archive, Love Letters Anonymous. She makes illustration-based zones and is working on a graphic novel titled “At World’s End”.




Name: Tom Dewing

Website: http://zombiesoybot.com


Between time spent searching for Animal Chin, Tom draw comics for this zine Zombie Soy Bot. Tom takes everyday dialog and point out the humor with in it.









Name: Steph Neary

Website: http://www.stephneary.com


Steph Neary is a 2X year old female girl living and working in Pittsburgh,  Penna. She works with many mediums in her illustrations ! : pen & ink, *acrylic * glitter watercolors*, * fibers *, & nail polish. Her most complete collection of work titled, “This is the Next Morning” features over 60 drawings documenting two years of her life.









Name: Dre Grigorpol

Website: http://www.dretime.org


Dre Grigoropol is an author and illustrator who has been well-received in the growing East Coast zine scene. She was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1982, and grew up outside the city in Bensalem. She obtained her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design. Dre has been studying storytelling and sequential art all her life, an interest which stemmed from her love for comics. She currently publishes her own work, and has been featured in various anthologies including Zine Crush, Dangerous Damsels, The Dirty Diamonds, Suspect Device and upcoming Rock Ink Roll. Dre prefers to use traditional artist tools such as quill pens with ink and watercolor, adding to her bold and unique style. See more of her work at dretime.org and visit her webcomic at deesdream.net.









Name: Mike Madsen

Website: http://www.cowboyhouseinternet.com


Cowboy House is a multimedia art collective founded by Matt Glove, Fred Frances, Jeff Gibbons, and Mike Madsen. Their work has its roots in a varied, fertile bed of styles and influences, but generally focuses on themes of personal experience and storytelling.

Mike Madsen is an artist and illustrator living in the city of Coraopolis PA. He enjoys making pictures that combine a fascination with organic matter, science fiction, the supernatural, and philosophy. His work seeks to blur the lines between personal and cosmic mythology.








Name: Justseeds Artists’ Collective

Website: http://justseeds.org/


Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a decentralized network of 24 artists committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. With members working from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, Justseeds operates both as a unified collaboration of similarly minded printmakers and as a loose collection of creative individuals with unique viewpoints and working methods. We believe in the transformative power of personal expression in concert with collective action. To this end, we produce collective portfolios, contribute graphics to grassroots struggles for justice, work collaboratively both in- and outside the co-op, build large sculptural installations in galleries, and wheatpaste on the streets – all while offering each other daily support as allies and friends.









Name: Emile Goss

Website: http://emilegoss.com/


I’m a freelance web/graphic designer and artist in Pittsburgh, PA.










Name: Chris Monday

Website: http://www.chrismonday.com


Flying Weevil Productions is best known for “hilarious and touching” comics, sketch comedy “TV” shows and “alcohol infused fits of creativity.”









Name: Paul Adams

Website: http://pauljamaul.weebly.com/


im a modern day ninja who dabbles in sacred geometry and what would be described as outsider art. my comic books consist of martial art parodies, d&d type fantasy and science fiction. I have 1 political/environmental comic aimed at the fracking industrie and features a mutated bigfoot. i have 1 issue done of a book called zombie killaz that is based on a hip hop album made by rob and david severin. and am in the process of starting a zine and website showcasing pittsburgh area mixed martial artists. I print my books at home on a black and white laser jet printer. i also do sketch cards.









Name: Anthony Sorge

Website: http://anthonysorge.tumblr.com


Crust Dog is an ongoing comic series about a homeless dog navigating the world of DIY punk culture, underground activism, and more as he tries to strike a balance between wildness and domesticity and discover who he wants to be.









Name: CLP Main Zine Collection

Website: http://clpzines.wordpress.com


The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Main Zine Collection is made up of the donated Comic Release zine collection, which focuses heavily on comics and art zines, and the general adult zine collection, which also has literary, personal, and various types of informational zines, for example zines on activism, biking, gardening, and zine librarianship. We try to have a collection that is balanced across subject areas and that speaks to community needs and interests. We do have some zines in the collection because of their historical significance, but we have more contemporary zines than archival material.

Our zines are located near the graphic novel collection on the First Floor. The zines cannot be checked out, but you can read them anywhere in the library.









Name: Small Press Pittsburgh

Website: http://smallpresspittsburgh.wikispaces.com/


Small Press Pittsburgh is a pop up small press bookstand which features Pittsburgh’s emerging authors, artists, and independent publishers, interspersed with some selections from America’s other most vibrant cities. Books, zines, and litmags–fiction, memoir, and poetry all are represented. As of this writing, we have small press & micro press items and/or zines from Pittsburgh, New York, Cleveland, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Cedar Rapids!

Small Press Pittsburgh has been showcasing Pittsburgh’s literary scene since 2008. We have existed primarily as a web directory and Facebook announcement page, and we are currently exploring new ways to support and engage Pittsburgh’s emerging authors, indie publishers, micro-presses, and literary institutions.









Name: Wild Age Press

Website: http://www.wildagepress.com


Wild Age Press is an independent literary publisher with a mission to publish work with an edge to it, work that you might find hitchhiking on a roadside, work that doesn’t give a damn about boundaries or borders or genre. We don’t care about aesthetics nearly as much as substance. We know that sometimes ugly things cannot and should not be made beautiful.

If I had to put a label other than “independent” on Wild Age, I would default to “experimental.” We’re looking for books that break taboos, that do things writing teachers tell you not to do (but please, do them well), that beg to be transformed into objects other than pages between two covers. Basically, we don’t care what you do, as long as it knocks us on our asses.










Website: http://Laurawarman.tumblr.com


I am a publisher of multiple poetry zines, a monthly postcard newsletter, and one book of poetry!





Name: Caitlin Boyle

Website: http://www.sadsadkiddie.com


Caitlin Rose Boyle is a multimedia artist and cartoonist currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. Her work features creepy critters and greasy teenagers in equal amount. Newest works include a tower of pizza cheerleaders and an illustration zine full of pocket monsters.









Name: John Pena

Website: http://www.johnpena.net


I am a multidisciplinary artist from the desert of Washington State. With my work, I am trying to communicate with nature and in many ways, emulate it as well. By engaging with the natural world in such a way, I hope to create poetic and magical moments that reveal the subtle relationships between humans and nature. So I have written a letter to the ocean every day for the last nine years and I have raced with clouds in an effort to tease out and capture elusive moments that arise from everyday encounters. I have also been making a drawing every day for the last four years in which I attempt to record a memorable moment from my day. This project is called “Daily Geology” and currently I print a monthly book of these drawings which are available for sale in local stores and online.









Name: Nils Balls

Website: http://www.skeletonballs.com


Nils Balls draws comics in a crooked old house on the Northside of Pittsburgh. He is the featured cartoonist for “The Northside Chronicle”. In the past year, he has contributed to several projects including comics about brewing beer, the local mayoral race, and the woes of public transit. His self published work includes, “Skeleton Balls Comics”, “Dr. Joseph UPMC”, and the forthcoming “Ship of Soiled Doves”.









Name: Jennifer Lisa

Website: http://cargocollective.com/jenniferlisa


Jenn Lisa’s only real goal is to spread good. Once from a small town in Ohio, she is now living and “working” (by chance) in a neighborhood in Pittsburgh called Fondness. Nobody really knows what she does there all day, incognito. One thing we do know: all comics and zine work is done by Borislav Čaušević Lisa, her cat.









Name: Shawn Maddey

Website: http://www.bargepress.com


Barge Press is a new locally run publisher, focusing on printing stories and poetry that are not easily classified by genre or style. So far we have released two lit. journals and have our first solo author release arriving by the end of August, with hopefully at least one more book by the end of 2013.









Name: Shawn Atkins

Website: http://gelloapocalypse.blogspot.com/


I like to make comics and comics likes to make me. I live in the mighty burgh that is Pittsburgh with my wife and kid. you’ll mostly see my work on the web (Gello Apocalypse or Explorers of the Unknown)or deviant art which too is on the web.

In the down time… their is no down time comics is my mistress but if their was down time I would rassle a bear and make him draw some comics about his defeat.

you can find me here









Name: Thom DeLair

Website: http://www.thomdelair.com


Mission Statement: The Development Committee is committed to the process of developing or being developed, handling development in all tenses and meanings. The Development Committee conducts a specific state of growth and advancement while utilizing refined products to constitute new stages in a changing situation that convert ideas into resources by opening phases that manage the process of experiencing aliments and treating chemicals to making physical images.



laura lane







Name: Laura Lane

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/wishfulstitching


Collages. Scattered thoughts. Doodles. Something to gander at during your coffee break, spare bedside moment, and as the train trails on.

Each volume of Staircase Wit is completely different from the previous. I have fun with it and allow the series to go to wherever my mind or current fascinations drag me. Past issues centered on experiences in college radio (#3), my love for Bill Murray (#2.5), and Feminism (#7). My most popular issue to date is a condensed, how-to guide for the phenomenon of Lucid Dream (#4). In user-friendly language, I describe what Lucid Dreaming is, relay a bit of technical & historical information behind the topic as well as include cultural references and induction techniques.

My co-pilot at my table for the zinefair this year, will be my pal Booger. His zine, Notes from The Ashtray: Medication Time Volume 1 consists of 3 surreal short stories deriving from his time as a delivery man for a drug store this past summer.









Name: Lizzee Solomon

Website: http://www.lizzeesolomon.com


Lizzee Solomon draws from her everyday life, from popular culture, and from imagination. Most of her work is sexual, explicit, offensive, and gross. It might make you throw up or take a huge dump. Some people who have seen her art have accused Lizzee of objectifying women. Her response is usually, “Uhhh, okay” or, “well, fuck me…”

Aside from objectifying women, Lizzee enjoys cooking, cleaning, watching her programs, and doing laundry.









Name: Hannah Dobbz

Website: http://www.sqdistro.com


SQ Distro is a growing distribution hub for media related to issues of squatting, property, housing, and land struggles, including books, zines, DVDs, T-shirts, and other ephemera.



erin oh





Name: Erin Oh

Website: http://www.erinohsays.wordpress.com


erinohsays is a one-lady zine operation from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. erin oh is a lover of zines and one of the founders of the pittsburgh zine fair.









Name: Brian DiSanto

Website: http://briandisanto.bandcamp.com


I am a 25 year old writer & music maker & have lived in Pittsburgh my entire life. I am an a cappella singer & perform short, pop bursts (just minus the instruments). I have played dozens of shows locally as a solo artist as well as in other bands such as Wiretappers and Ali & The Haitians. My inspiration starts with poetry & short stories which then turns into lyrics. I release small batch CDs and digital albums under the name Wild Raft. Most of these are my own material while I also release other bands’ projects as well.



image not shown





Name: Mont Tucker

Website: N/A


Thricegreat apparel is a local brand of handpainted alchemical clothing i founded in 2011 with the idea of reminding people of their power to change their life by simply changing their perception. This year, i’m making a zine telling the story of thricegreat apparel, + how it works. I’ll also be sharing some other zine/comics work i’m doing with other local up + comers.









Name: Steve Selling

Website: http://smstelling.blogspot.com/


Comics poetry scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble poetry comics.



copacetic advertisement






Name: Copacetics Comics Co.

Website: http://www.copaceticcomics.com


IMAGE + TEXT • SOUND + VISION • ART + LITERATURE = an oasis at the crossroads of culture <<<•>>> The Copacetic Comics Company is a full service book store specializing in creator owned comics and focusing on small press and self-published works. In addition to our focus on comics, we offer a curated complement of contemporary and classic literature, non-fiction, poetry and books of art, as well as a wide range of music on CD – from classical to punk, with an emphasis on jazz – and movies on DVD – with a focus on foreign films. The majority of items sold are discounted; most items are discounted 10% – 20%, but there are special sale areas where items are discounted 40% – 80%! In addition, we offer a special order service on all in-print books, comics, CDs and DVDs. Special orders may be placed over the phone or via email and customers will be notified upon their arrival, which is normally within a week. Nearly all special orders are also discounted. And, finally, we do offer a strictly graded selection of collectible comic books from the 1940s through the present.









Name: Seth LeDonne

Website: http://www.paneldenstudio.com


Panel Den creates zines that focus on the here and now. We use words and sometimes images. We like the woods and animals but do we ever see them really? We like twitter but have to take breaks from it and other web worlds. We also create prints, sounds, events, and dinners.



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