2012 Vendors

This page features local Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania zinesters and those from other parts of the Eastern United states with a few words about what they do and who they are. All of the artists/writers featured here will be in attendance at the Zine Fair this year.


Name: Unicorn Mountain

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing:  www.unicornmountain.com


Founded in 2004, Unicorn Mountain is a loose collective of multi-disciplinary artists dedicated to the creation and promotion of Pittsburgh-based DIY art. Hailed by USA Today, Giant Robot magazine and BoingBoing.net, Unicorn Mountain has self-published three nationally recognized anthologies of comics, fiction, essays and music, as well as several handmade comics and art books by the collective’s individual creators.
“Regardless of what [some people] say about Pittsburgh, do not be fooled by fools: this town rules. Case in point has to be Unicorn Mountain. A hep chunk of book with lotsa local art, music and writing with a healthy handshake to outlying neighbors from New York and Easthampton, MA. Wicked!”
– Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth (Bull Tongue)


Name: O’Ryan McGowan Arrowroot

Lives In: Buckhannon, WV


Residing on a small cat farm in central West Virginia, O’Ryan creates short, strange, often quiet comics when he is not changing diapers or herding tabbies.


Name: Ed Piskor

Lives In: Munhall, PA

Web Thing: http://www.edpiskor.com


Ed drew a few graphic novels with underground comics legend, Harvey Pekar, of American Splendor fame. He designed an Adult Swim cartoon, Mongo Wrestling Alliance, which aired a 10 episode season in 2011. His newest comic is Wizzywig, highlighted in Rolling Stone as being “The next big graphic novel of 2012”. Ed’s currently working on a comprehensive history of rap music called The Hip Hop Family Tree, on Boingboing.net


Name: Frank and Sarah Cunniff

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.abrushwithfameabrushwithdeath.com


“Atomic Samaritan #0: A Brush With Fame, A Brush With Death” is a watercolor, retro-sci-fi teaser for our longer upcoming work, Atomic Samaritan. Where Atomic Samaritan draws its inspiration from Silver Age comic books and the steel-wrought, strange history of industrial Pittsburgh in the 1950s; A Brush With Fame, A Brush With Death rides shotgun with aging makeup artist Sherman Fleischman through the American Southwest in 1968. Fortunately reminiscing is the order of the afternoon, because unfortunately for Sherman, by the finale he won’t have a chance to watch his peculiar life pass before his eyes.


Name: Matt Mihalko

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA


I make things that look cool. I make comics about nothing. Simple robot
kid who creates.


Name: Gabe Felice

Lives In: Greensburg, PA

Web Thing: http://www.ornithica.blogspot.com


My Name is Gabe Felice – the Magical Psychic T – Shirt is an interactive installation which unites the participants energy with the creative process.


Name: Dean Cercone

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://deancercone.com


Visionary visual artist with many colors bleeding from my tears coming from my eyes.


Name: M. Young

Lives In: Summersville, WV

Web Thing: http://www.kindlinquarterly.com


The Kindlin’ Quarterly is a high-quality, eclectic mix of underground comics.

Wild Child is a psychological coming-of-age story about a girl raised by wolves.


Name: Angela Runge
Lives in: Pittsburgh, PA

Angela Runge is a student at Carnegie Mellon University, and her first zine/comic “Twin Paradox” is about her experiences with finding her potential long lost twin. “Twin Paradox” is the culmination of Angela’s experiments with different types of black pens, past time of making cat collages, and tendency to come up with absurd theories (and believe them).”



Name: Elizabeth Brophy

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://remve.tumblr.com


A small collaborative art zine. Color, texture, fall. My work is illustrative, playful, and wondering. Years to go.


Name: Maggie Negrete

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://mgglntcreates.tumblr.com


Maggie Lynn Negrete is a native of SW PA and a Vassar College alum. She is dedicated to nurturing the creativity of children and adults as well as furthering her family heritage of printers, illustrators and civic custodians. Her major influences include transcendental shamanism, Precolombian cultures, Art Nouveau and classic sci-fi, horror and fantasy. Currently, Maggie is working on a serial fairytale comic, Adventuring Princesses.


Name: Emily Wobb

Lives In: Gibsonia, PA

Web Thing: http://www.emilywobb.com


Absurd and irrational things/situations get me excited about what life can be made into. I am a senior at Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Fine Art and I enjoy juxtaposing seemingly random content. I like to make people laugh. Bright colors, animals, patterns and machinery are important to the images and sculptures I create. Meeting people who aren’t necessarily tied to art-making, due to problem-solving within my work, is one of my favorite collaborations. Additionally, I run long distance and I obsess over cooking new and exotic foods.


Name: Cowboy House
Web thing: chintl.tumblr.com
About: Cowboy House is a multidisciplinary conglomeration of 3 ONU alumni, Fred rances, Jeff Gibbons, and Mike Madsen.
We’re all about making art, winning hearts, and everything in between.

Name: Anna Bender

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.annabender.com/art.html


I am a visual artist who utilizes illustration, photography, and performance art to capture the beauty and the strangeness of the world around me. My artwork is often community inspired or integrated, from my photography of local performers, to stepping onto the stage as a professional modern belly dancer or drag king at several venues, to bringing my sketchbook everywhere with me and drawing the friends and strangers around me. I also run the Queer Arts Collective, a group of artists who draw with crayons, convey our ideas onto canvas, and put together art shows and (soon!) zines.

In regard to illustration and comics, I value the whole range of stylized childish imagery to more detail-oriented drawings of daily scenes and people. I work in mediums ranging from pen and ink pieces, to screen prints on paper and shirts, to doodling caricatures in crayon to sell at craft fairs. I aspire to continue drawing and screen printing small comic books, individual prints, and wearable art.


Name: Jeremy Baum

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.madbaumer37.deviantart.com


Illustrator of the surreal and erotic.
Comic book artist.


Name: Jim Rugg

Lives In: Glenshaw, PA

Web Thing: http://jimrugg.com


I make comics and drawings out of the trash culture that I grew up with – superhero comic books, cartoons, straight-to-video genre movies, pro wrestling, and MTV. Like most marketing, that escapist fare usually promised more than it delivered. But those lurid video covers and melodramatic comic books fueled my imagination. As a result, the tone of my work vacillates between celebration and satire, love and hate.


Name: Jessica Heberle

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://jessicaheberle.tumblr.com/


Currently living and working in Pittsburgh, PA. I spend the majority of my time drawing and working on design projects. I’m fascinated by going outside my comfort zone. Some themes of my work are vulnerability, trauma, nature, and small moments of ‘liminality’ where the lines of reality are blurred.

Name: Jerry Goebert

Lives In: Penn Hills, PA

Web Thing: http://poopsheetfoundation.com/member-galleries/193-lestat1045


In the time of Ago (1979 – 1981), I self-published a series of newave mini-comix featuring the character of Major Mishap. These can be found listed in Jay Kennedy’s Underground Price Guide. I wrote and a series of artists supplied the art. Artists included Brad W. Foster (7 times winner of the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist). Jim Valentino (Image Comix), Tom Brinkmann (writer of BadMags guide), Alex Tamsula, Dan W. Taylor, Dave Miller, Ben Adams, Clark Dissmeyer et al.

I also had the honor of doing QUARK 2: DREAM ME A WORLD for the legendary Clay Geerdes.

In 2010 I started doing mini-comix again featuring artists from Ago and many new current artists. New series include HANNAH : THE BLOOD JOURNALS, TOO BLUE COMIC (cover your eyes kiddos !!), WALRUS FILES and VAMPIRE HANNAH : THE FANZINES. THE BLOOD JOURNALS at 16 pp. @ $2, the rest are 8 pp. @ only $1.


Name: Laura Lane

Lives In: Doylestown, PA

Web Thing: http://www.etsy.com/shop/wishfulstitching


Hey there my name is Laura Lane and I create the zine Staircase Wit. Staircase Wit could be your cup of tea(or coffee, cause that’s what I’m a fiend of) if you like zombies (SW#2), Bill Murray (SW#2.5), or punk/alt. rock/college radio (SW#3) cause that’s what my zines are on. Topics are all over the place. I like to experiment with layout design and include many of my own doodles. By the time this fest swings by, I’ll have Staircase Wit #5 printed and ready to go! Rad. See ya there!


Name: Uncle Skin Press//John Puglia

Lives In: Akron, OH


Sweat, grease, lamp black, Banbury mixers, Pabst, broken pallets, arc welders, mercury, boxing, pickled eggs, High Life, whores, chili-mac, Friday night games, rubber knives, overalls, poker, Lake Erie perch, pot, Barberton Chicken, factory, muscle cars, corn roasts, 8mm porn, Evel Knievel, salted draughts, racing pigeons, Blue Oyster Cult, graveyard shift, Union picnics, rubber, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Luckys, steel-toed shoes, breaks, pepperoni pizza, black iron oxide, Lava Soap, overtime, Marilyn Chambers, Kessler’s, steam, leather gloves, vacation, piss, collage…

+ emphemera + artist’s books & toys + postcards + M-80 zine + merch + limited edition prints + stickers…

Name: Thom Delair

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.thomdelair.com


I mostly make single frame black and white comics probably most similar to Glen Baxter’s work. I have also made seventeen graphic-short stories about a variety of topics. My work usually meant to be humorous.

At this year’s fair plan on seeing new The Development Committee booklets, a few new issues of PLAW, a comic staring my younger brother and sister I started in my childhood, and The Star Story.


Name: Conrad Ennis

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://nokontent.tumblr.com/


A student who seeks to distance himself from the systematic approach of design by creating compilations of photography, found imagery, surreal collages, semi-autobiographical comics and by embracing the lo-fidelity and magical quality of the photocopier. Conrad likes to bike, photograph things, and talk about himself in third person. He’s from Boston, and currently lives in Pittsburgh.


Name: Georgi Johnston

Lives In: Chicago, IL


fiction and non fiction about failing to transition from childhood to adulthood. comics about animals and ghosts and the thoughts of inanimate objects.


Name: Encyclopedia Destructica

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.encyclopediadestructica.com


Encyclopedia Destructica is a community-based artist book publisher based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Encyclopedia Destructica publishes hand-bound artist books and zines. Additionally, Encyclopedia Destructica produces and hosts cultural events including readings, binding parties, screenings and book releases. We are inspired by the need to explore, create and distribute contemporary art and culture in an accessible way that encourages community participation and involvement.

**note – the Pittsburgh Release Party for our new book – Strange Attractors: Investigations in Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexualities will be the night before (Sept. 21) at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. http://encyclopediadestructica.com/StrangeAttractors


Name: Erin Oh

Lives In: Toronto, Ontario

Web Thing: http://erinohsays.wordpress.com


Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, my dear home and forever keeper of my heart. Co-founder of the first-ever (and hopefully annual!) Pittsburgh Zine Fair. As of Spring 2012, I’m living in Toronto, Ontario pursuing graduate studies at the University of Toronto in the Sociology of Education.


Name: Skeleton Balls Comics

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.skeletonballs.com


Nils Balls draws comics in a crooked, old house on the Northside of Pittsburgh. He makes books and other comics can be found at http://www.skeletonballs.com


Name: The Big Idea Bookstore

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://thebigideapgh.org


The Big Idea is a cooperative radical bookstore since 2001 that utilizes a directly democratic, anarchist model. We strive to provide literature that is multicultural, women-positive, queer-positive, class-conscious, anti-militaristic, and that promotes a sustainable world and community. We also hope to serve our community by providing a safe space for all individuals to explore radical and alternative ideas. We are a cooperatively owned and operated, not-for-profit, non-capitalist establishment.

The Big Idea carries hundreds of new books, hundreds of used books, and more pins, patches, stickers, notebooks, greeting cards, and zines than you can shake a stick at. We also offer café seating and free Wi-Fi.


Name: Pat Kain

Lives In: Columbus, OH

Web Thing: http://pbkain.com


I make comics when I can. But I spend most of my time drawing and animating.



Name: Bill Volk

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://billvolk.com


Bill Volk is a Pittsburgh native who went to the University of Chicago and the Center for Cartoon Studies. In addition to self-publishing comics, he acts at Stage 62 in Carnegie.


Name: Little Tired Press

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.littletired.wordpress.com


Little Tired Press is a collaborative and community minded independent publisher that focuses on inspiring and promoting the talent that is discovered daily in Pittsburgh, PA and beyond. The flagship publication that drives the success of Little Tired is a monthly comics anthology called Andromeda that collects comic and comic related art from various artists throughout Pittsburgh and neighboring areas. In addition to sparking artistic expression, Little Tired also seeks to organize events and happenings that further promote the arts and culture in our community. Illustration and design services are available for purchase through all artists associated with our merchandise and Little Tired acts as a connection between the client and artist. We are currently considering a physical location to facilitate sales, collaboration and events.


Name: Joshua Sager

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://secondblockstudio.com


Monster Haiku Vol 1. is an illustration and haiku project by Rachel Arnold Sager and Will Rutherford published by Second Block Studio. It’s a 52 page illustrated book featuring artwork by Rachel and Haiku poetry by Will. You can see samples of the book at http://monsterhaiku.org/book/. Sales from the book and related merchandise have helped raise over $3,000 for March of Dimes.

So, what’s not to love?
Monster, Haiku and babies.
Everybody wins!

The project also features original watercolor, greeting cards, buttons, and selected prints from the book. Learn more about the project at http://monsterhaiku.org


Name: Nita Duangjumpa

Lives In: Stow, OH

Web Thing: http://fluxxii.com


Fluxxii: A Mental Health Distro is an effort to support community-based, radical mental health by distributing zines with a variety of resources and perspectives on mental health, illness, medication, therapy, and more. Our zines present a multitude of viewpoints and personal attitudes about mental health, from mainstream psychology-based approaches to more holistic and interconnected approaches.


Name: Jenny Cavallero

Lives In: Mt. Rainier, MD

Web Thing: http://jennyandthelibrarians.tumblr.com


I’m a public librarian who recently moved to the DC area. My zine is about growing up with arthritis and the experiences that go along with figuring out one’s abilities and limitations. I focus on past surgical experiences, gaining mobility with my adult-sized tricycle, and employment/relationship issues.


Name: The Toonseum

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.toonseum.org


The ToonSeum is Pittsburgh’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
The mission of the ToonSeum is to celebrate the art of cartooning. Our goal is to promote a deeper appreciation of the cartoonists and their work through hands-on workshops, community outreach, cartoon-oriented educational programming, and exhibitions of original cartoon art.


Name: ACAB Legal Collective

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.facebook.com/acablegal


ACAB Legal Collective is a loose association of legal workers and activists in Allegheny County. Our collective’s primary focus is empowering individuals through knowledge of their rights by translating the law and legal concepts into plain language in an easily digestible format. To accomplish this, we author, produce, and distribute legal ‘zines, flyers, buttons, and patches and conduct know your rights trainings and workshops. A website is forthcoming, but for now we can be contacted at acablegal [at] riseup [dot] net.


Name: Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.justseeds.org


Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a decentralized network of 26 artists committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. We produce collective portfolios, contribute graphics to grassroots struggles for justice, work collaboratively both in- and outside the co-op, build large sculptural installations in galleries, and wheatpaste on the streets. Three of our members run a distribution center out of Pittsburgh.


Name: Lizzee Solomon

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: www.lizzeesolomon.com


Lizzee is a ceramicist and illustrator based in Pittsburgh. Her comic is called ‘Mutual Paradise’ and the stories therein seek to capture instances of symbiotic pleasure. The stories and characters range from obscene to even more obscene, but somehow manage to imitate the banality of our everyday lives. Lizzee will be premiering a very special comic about fat fetishism that will make you loathe the persistent jabbing of your lover’s pelvic bone against your crotch during sex.


Name: Joe Mochove

Lives In: Brentwood, MD

Web Thing: www.fullsanction.com


Joe Mochove and Rusty Rowley publish the stick figure comic, Full Sanction, and the zine, Dirt Worst. Titans of whatever industry it is that manufacturers awesomeness and vagabonds on the mean streets of ridiculousness, they are not content to just waste their potential in print. They also star in a number of outlandish Youtube videos, they cannot be recommended with a clear conscious. Veterans of the Small Press Expo, the Richmond Zine Fest and many outdoor art markets where their tent may or may not have been destroyed by wind, they are super excited for the Pittsburgh Zine Fair!




Name: Cyberpunk Apocalypse

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://cyberpunkapocalypse.com


The Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writers’ Collective— located on the historic North Side— hosts local and touring literary events, maintains a lending library, and operates a visiting writer residency every month.

Representing the collective at this event will be its long-term residents:
Art Noose – letterpress printer and publisher of the long-running zine Ker-bloom!
Daniel McCloskey – comic book illustrator with his new novel A Film About Billy
Max Wheeler – printmaker and publisher of Embarrazine, an illustrated zine about family stories
Nate McDonough – creator of the comic zine Grixly and the graphic novel Don’t Come Back


Name: Sam Thorp

Lives In: Brackenridge, PA

Web Thing: http://graphicanatomy.com


A collection of exciting and talented artists, hand- picked to pour their heart and soul on to a 4 x5″ space.



Name: Cassie Staub

Lives In: Braddock, PA

Web Thing: http://outofthisrecords.tumblr.com


Submission based Zine dealing with gender struggle.


Name: Bree Chumley

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: http://www.etsy.com/shop/xbreesuzannex


I make zines sometimes. I’ve been writing and making them for 14 years – half my life.


Name: Thomas Dewing

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: www.zombiesoybot.com


Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot! is a comic per zine that started in 2004. Every issue is a collection of comics from everyday life that go on between friends, family, strangers, pets..etc. I like to take typical dialog and point out the humor within it.


Name: Virginia Shields

Lives In: Pittsburgh, PA

Web Thing: www.shieldsink.com


I have been drawing cartoons for as long as I can remember, starting with little comic strips and working up to graphic novels. I am self taught and draw everything on paper.


Name: Andy Gabrysiak

Lives In: Livonia, MI

Web Thing: www.andygabrysiak.com


Andy Gabrysiak (b.1987, Chicago, Il) is a Detroit based illustrator and designer, graduating from the College for Creative Studies. He has been publishing zines and mini-comics since 2007 and has recently been featured in Corpus Corpus 4 (Edited by Paul Nudd,) Pork (Edited by Sean Äaberg,) BLACK EYE no.1 and Morose Delectation (published by Rotland Press + Comic Works.) He currently works as a gallery assistant for the University of Michigan at work•detroit exhibition space.



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